Download Free Planners to Outfit a Grooming Business



Download Free Planners & Shopping Lists to Fill-in by Grooming Business in a Box®

Grooming Business in a Box® professionals have developed Planners for you. Some can used for any type of grooming business from housecall to pet care centers. Others are specific to home-based, salon, shop or mobile busiensses. They can be used by career seekers and long-time groomers. Find the one(s) suitable for your needs. If you have a copy of our PetGroomerCD™ available at, you already have these materials.

Fill them out to track 1) project costs, 2) brand names and model numbers, 3) vendors and 4) quantities. Once you are in business there is even one to track your restocking needs for supplies, tools and equipment and more. They are great for shopping lists.

Career seekers can include grooming education costs along with business start-up costs! Finish your data entry and voila, you have summary and detail costs and a convenient shopping list describing who, what, where and how many for every purchase. You’re organized! Well done!

Free PDF Versions

You can print our Planners on your computer and fill them out manually. We suggest using pencil, not ink, to allow for corrections and changes. Microsoft Excel® versions are available but only by getting a free PetGroomerCD™. Most Internet security systems will alarm you when trying to download an Excel file over because they can be harmful. Therefore, we only offer them on the free CD. Using the Excel versions is not for spreadsheet newbies, and remember, you must have a spreadsheet program. However, the Grooming Business in a Box® staff worked hard to make them as easy as possible. You don’t have to enter formulas, just data entry. So moving on you can download PDF versions now.

If your computer already has the free Adobe Reader software installed, our Adobe PDF Planners should load on your screen when you click. Otherwise click the link. It’s a simple download and install, and very useful. When you click the PDF links the Planners open in a new window and you can print them with your computer printer. You’re ready to fill them in with pen or pencil. Easy!

Don’t be disappointed if you cannot use Excel versions. Print and use the Adobe PDF Planners instead. They produce the same results. When you’re done you will have organized the same info had you used the Excel versions. If you don’t own MS Excel you can download OpenOffice free. It’s a professional, free MS Office compatible program.

Download Here

There are 4 planners for startups, expansion plans and simple daily operational needs like making a shopping list of items you need to restock, whether retail inventory, or grooming-related products.

By filling in all the blanks, noting prices, and sources, you can tally the costs and come up with a grand total of your projected spending, from simple grooming powders all the way to education, major tools and equipment. It’s never been so easy to project the financial costs of your dream in grooming, and then to have an printed, easy-to-use shopping list to keep your organized. Using the shopping list, just check off items as you place your orders!

PDF Downloads: They are easy. Just left click to open them in a window and print copies on your computer printer. Each download includes instructions to use the form.

Mobile Business – New or Expanding (PDF) – CLICK HERE

Home-Based or Commercial Shop/Salon Location – New or Expanding (PDF) – CLICK HERE

Daily Shopping List – Restocking Supplies, Tools & Equipment (PDF) – CLICK HERE

Retail Inventory – Restocking Boutique, Pet Products & Food (PDF) – CLICK HERE

You are now ready to use the resources of the Resources Industry Directory to fill-out your planners and shopping lists. You can access many vendors whose advertising appears on the right of your screen, and whose support makes this free web site and downloads possible. In the directory we have more than 200 vendors listed here where you can locate products, services and grooming education and prices, and enter the description and costs onto your Planners. Easy.  ♦