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There are multiple ways to advertise at since 1997. Choose which profile fits you the best.

I have a product, service or educational opportunity to sell to pet groomers or career seekers.

Become a sponsor of with banner adveristing at several of our websites. Sponsors also receive free or very low cost display ads in Magazine. Learn more here about our Gold Plus, Platinum and Diamond Levels of sponsorship starting at just $1 a day. Click here.

I am a grooming business looking to hire groomers, or I am a groomer searching for a job. Classified Ads includes the world’s largest database of help wanted ads. We have published over 370,000 help wanted and job search ads since 1997. Ads are free for business owners that own less than 5 locations. Chains can pay reasonable fees to list ads. Job search ads placed by groomers are free too. We list groomer job openings worldwide, not just the United States. Visit the Classified Ads site.

I am a pet groomer selling my business, used mobile vehicle or anything else of interest to groomers.

We host the largest database of pet grooming businesses for sale as well as used mobile vehicles. However, it doesn’t stop there. We have 20 more categories of classifieds. Some categories are free, and most are “cheap” starting at $6 a month. Since 1997 has been an incredibly popular buy and sell marketplace for pet groomers, especially for the United States and Canada.  Visit the Classified Ads site.

I am a grooming business owner looking to advertise my services to pet owners in my area.

Find A Groomer Directory for Pet Owners is a popular directory for pet owners looking for a groomer. It’s free to open an account in our directory. Go to and start your 100% always free account. Look for the link, Add Your Listing.



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