Even Groomers Need Company Attorneys

by Grooming Business in Box®

Unfortunately, many pet grooming business owners, as well as owners of other service traders, overlook forming and nurturing good working relationships with professionals. Your business needs them regardless of whether you think you need them. Effective handling of your legal and insurance needs can make a dramatic impact on the success of your pet grooming business. Carrying the heavy workload of owner, manager and groomer can deprive you of the benefits derived from your professional working relationships.

If you are a new career seeker it is never to early to make introductions with an insurance broker (notice we didn’t say “agent”) and an attorney. Every business needs adequate and complete insurance coverage, and the counsel of an attorney to help you with forming your company and to be just a telephone call away as the need arises. You shouldn’t need an attorney often, but they are invaluable for the pet grooming business owner hiring employees, forming contracts and applying for business loans, and using pet care business forms of a legal nature.

An attorney who understands business affairs can save you dollars and protect your business with legal safeguards. You should have an attorney right from the start of your business. Don’t wait for an unfortunate situation to occur before finding an attorney. The importance of a good working relationship with one cannot be over stressed. Don’t be shy. They understand and admire your intent to create a new business, and to protect it.

Be honest. Advise them you are working within a budget. Ask if they can do the work you require for a “project fee.” Don’t be shy and not inquire about their fees. Ask them to advise you when a project exceeds an agreed budget. Sometimes you can assist them with the work and reduce their fees too. They understand. Enjoy the peace of mind that can come from knowing your attorney is just a call away should an unfortunate incident arise. Your attorney wants you to succeed.

You should discuss employment issues, business and personal liability issues, pet care liability and related business forms with legal implications (see below), possibly tax planning along with your Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Attorneys are helpful in reviewing and negotiating contracts and leases.  ♦