The Traditional Teddy Bear Head by Jodi Murphy

The Teddy Bear head style has been around for many years. Sometimes it is easier said than done. Here are easy steps to get those cute little mixed breed heads looking good! I am using curved shears and thinning shears.

Use thinning shears to clean out the unruly hairs poking the poor little dog in the eyes.












Comb the coat down over the eyes. Scissor a semi-circle “visor” from the outside corner of the left eye to the outside corner of the right eye.









Comb the coat up on top of the head. Start scissoring from the visor to the top of the head.









Comb up the coat again. Scissor over the ears blending into the long coat of the ears.









Scissor the coat behind the ears into the crest of neck hair.









Neaten over ears again until well blended. Continue to comb the coat up.









Scissor the head until nice and round.










Scissor the coat under the chin leaving about an inch of coat from the jaw line.









Scissor from the under jaw up to the ear in a curved line, not straight.









Comb up cheeks and scissor from jaw line to where you set the coat on the side skull creating a round cheek.









Scissor the ears to “bob” to the chin line from the back of the ear to the front of the ear. I prefer to trim the back of the ear shorter leaving it longer in the front to frame the face.









When you have a system to scissor you get the best results.










That’s it.