Incorporating Reiki into a Grooming Practice

by Mary Oquendo CMPTI


“But you look so normal.” I hear this from time to time when I discuss Reiki and other forms of energy healing. I never take offense, because 15 years ago, I might have reacted the same way to someone who practices energy work. Then Marcus entered my life.

Marcus was my Miniature Pinscher. At the age of five he was diagnosed with several chronic medical conditions. My veterinarian was unable to regulate him and he was deteriorating before my eyes. It was after a stop in a New Age store that piqued my curiosity and set me on my path towards energy work.




Reiki is a Japanese technique that was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. A Reiki practitioner channels the Universal Life Force energy that surrounds all of us to the person or pet during a session. The ability to channel this energy is passed down from a Reiki Master to their student through a process called an attunement. There are four levels of Reiki: I, II, III and Master.


Energy surrounds us. It is what puts the light in our eyes. When energy cannot flow freely flow through a person or animal’s body, illness and disease can take root. Reiki directs energy to the blockage to break it up. It goes where the problem is originating. It is gentle and non-invasive.

I use Reiki as a valuable component of my overall balanced health maintenance program, which includes modern medicine. I work closely with my veterinarian and I encourage my Reiki clients to do the same.


The benefits include:

  1. Deep relaxation. It reduces stress. Pets are calmer.
  2. Renewal of strength and vitality. It improves the immune system. This is advantageous for older and chronically ill pets.
  3. Relief of aches and pains. It is beneficial for the arthritic pets.
  4. Speeding up healing of wounds and surgery sites, as well as relieving the effects of chemotherapy. This is why many larger hospitals have Alternate Therapy departments.
  5. Easing a pet’s transition over the Rainbow Bridge.


Absolutely! Animals are more sensitive to energy than we are. They do not have the barriers many people have erected regarding alternate therapies. Marcus loved Reiki. If I could have provided it, he would have enjoyed it 24/7. Baby, my Chihuahua, would let me know when he had enough when he was younger. Now that Baby is 15, he would not mind if I provided it continuously.


Adding healing energies to your work place uplifts everyone. When Reiki energy flows, it spills over everywhere. My grooming pets are calmer and happier, my clients love the way my mobile grooming van feels, and I am relaxed and full of energy.


The first step is to either find a local Reiki Master to train you or hire someone already attuned. I began introducing it to my grooming clients with brochures, as well as offering a free 5-minute treatment. The free session is my most effective tool. Once they experience it, they understand. There are legalities. Every client signs a waiver that clearly indicates that I am not diagnosing or treating, as well as encourages the client to seek the advice of a medical professional. Laws vary from state to state. This link will take you to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) website to learn what the rules and regulations are for your state.

Despite his early health problems, Marcus crossed over at the age of 12. He maintained a level of health that allowed him to enjoy his years with us. While working with my veterinarian, we were able to not only stabilize him, but also reduce his Insulin by 25%. In addition, Marcus no longer needed medications for Cushing’s. Marcus thought I was perfectly normal!   ♦