Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis: Creative Grooming

Pictorial Study of Creative Techniques by Justine Cosley of NAPCG

Here is the photo of the inspiration for the design.



















Above: This is Frankie before I started the creative. She had been shaved in May. You can see the new hair growth. The areas of color are from a previous creative styling.

Below: I put dye (Kiss Express Blue Black mixed with an equal portion of Jet Black) on her topknot and bracelets. I knew that I would have to build the color in these area because I used truly semi-permanent dye with no developer.










Below: Frankie rinsed and dried.



















Above and Below:

I applied the same black dye mixture to the topknot and head. Then I drew the lines with the applicator tip of a dye bottle.

Below: Here you see the color of the dye when rinsing. The dye actually rinses purple, but you can see it leaves the black color.
















Above: These are the colors I applied in this session. I used Davis Studio colors for the yellow. Avatar Funky Fruits Orange for orange and Avatar Pear for gold. I applied the Davis Studio color using the attached spray misting nozzle. I diluted the Avatar Orange and Pear Gold 1:1 with water and put them in a small spray bottle that I purchased at a hair supply store. The Avatar Orange is shown mixed.

Below: Frankie is shown after applying, rinsing and drying the colors. I decided that the orange and the pear gold were too similar.



















Below: Next, I decided to blend all the colors. I used an airbrush gun with an external feed to spray Crimson Kiss Express diluted with water 1:1. The key to using semi-permanent dye in an airbrush is to HIGHLY SATURATE the hair. I applied it heavily over the area previously dyed Pear Gold. Then I sprayed it more lightly as I got to the top of the “cell” (colors between the black wing veins).



















Above: Frankie with the dye sitting on her. I use an ABAB table towel to protect my table.

Below: Frankie dried and fluffed. I made “bows” out of Marabou boa material to mimic the white cells in the outer margin.










Below: Finished!