Where Do I Place Help Wanted Ads

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Generally placing help wanted ads in local newspapers is not very productive, and sometimes expensive. We suggest you try the free sites online such as Craiglist. We have a better solution too.

You are at the world’s busiest groomer help wanted classified ads since 1997, PetGroomer.com Classified Ads. Well over 350,000 ads have been published here, and they are free except for chains with 5 or more locations. Franchised or licensed operations are also subject to the non-free rule, but the fees are quite low.

If you are a groomer looking for a job, your job search classified ads is appropriate here too. It’s also complimentary.

Here are some suggestions for placing an effective help wanted ad. Be specific. Briefly give them the basics including the job title, how to apply, compensation plan and any benefits and hours worked weekly. If you offering to rent a station to an independent contractor you may place the ad in the help wanted section. If you don’t want to identify the actual location of your business, at least narrow it down to the county in which your business resides.

If you are leasing or renting your entire business please do not use the help wanted ads and instead apply for an ad in the Groomer Business for Sale or Lease category.  ♦

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