World’s Largest Surveys of Pet Groomers

You are at the home of the world’s largest surveys of pet groomers, Hundreds of thousands of surveys have been completed here since 1998.

There are surveys for pet groomers, and sometimes career seekers with an interest in grooming. To take current automated surveys you must visit the Surveys Home Page. Thank you for contributing to the knowledge base of the grooming industry.

Survey results are available back to 1998 from the Surveys Home Page. By far the most popular surveys are “Grooming Prices.” Results for grooming price surveys prior to 2011 are available for online viewing on the Surveys Home Page. Beginning in 2011 grooming price survey results were published in a new format. They were included annually in issues of eGroomer Journal, which was renamed Magazine in Winter 2015. You can download those issues using the Downloads Issues┬ápage link at the top of all pages in this web site.

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